Sunday, April 1, 2018

Amritsar Trip 2018

Golden Temple, Amritsar 

Heaven on earth 😇

Sri Harmandir Sahib, also known as Darbar Sahib 🙏

I can never get enough of watching this Paradise. 

Blissful 😇

And here below are the pictures of Gurudwara Sri Tarn Taran Sahib 

Sri Darbar Sahib Tarn Taran is built by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

It is the only Gurudwara which is the replica of Shri Harminder Sahib, Amritsar.

It has the largest Sarovar (water pond) among all the Gurudwaras. 


 Biggest Parikrama amongst all Historical Gurudwaras in Punjab

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MoOnStRuCk - Glimpse of the Gorgeous Moon from my Room :)

" Its The Magical Moonlight That Brightens My Dreamy Eyes & Delights My Soul "

- Saveen

There is something so soothing about the Moon, that I just can't get over it and with every full Moon, my love deepens for it :)

I can sit for hours looking at the Moon in silence, it gives me so much peace and makes me feel so good!

The nature of Moon is such, that it gives an extremely calming effect and makes darkness also look beautiful.

These are few of the pictures, I had taken from my room in 2010, was lucky enough to get such clicks  as the Moon was a little closer that day and they are very special to me :)

Just can't get enough of the Gorgeous Moon :)